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I'm just showing up BECAUSE I CAN.
I love that.

I just ate a bowl of Fruit Loops as a bedtime snack and can't get the sound of Leo's voice out of my head.
I like it when that is the track on repeat.

As opposed to some lame commercial song.
Like "I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates..."
...but that commercial makes me laugh every time.
And now that song will be in your head all night.

Van's eyelashes started to curl today. Literally today.
How does that happen?

Maggies eyelashes are twice as thick as mine and longer.

I'd show you pictures but you wouldn't believe it is them. I need to upload a time regression, and I will.
But not tonight, my Fruit Loops are gone and I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow it might be Trix.
And pictures.
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