A Trail of Breadcrumbs

...No amount of coffee, no amount of crying,
No amount of whiskey, no amount of wine
No no no no no
Nothing else will do,
I've gotta have you....*

They're peacefully asleep, and not for the first time I'm certain they'll stay that way until some hour most consider morning. I've been waking so long at 4am my body faithfully rises at that hour no matter the state of the two asleep at the foot of my bed. So tonight, like the last ten or so I'll rise, pump, gaze at the night sky, and fall back to sleep for a few moments until the wiggles and grunts wake the Momma for clean pants and some early breakfast.
It's the first night of my decision. So while quiet music plays, driving my perpetually busy mind to indulge in a few moments of sentimentality, I sit in front of the glowing screen and write a few words here, and a few to the man on the other side of the world. I need those words more than sleep, so I've decided to steal a few moments each night after the small ones drift off to find my way back to the place where so many thoughts are captured and escape all at once.
And yes, I'll pass along the statistics and the pictures and the thrilling mundane of what and how and the beauty in first coos and giggles, but right this moment a thousand moments uncaptured beat an ever intensifying rythm upon my mind, pounding their way down my arms and out this keyboard and I must write them first. But just being here, sifting through words once again, seeking the favorite and the just right of not-too-hot and not-too-cold and perfectly descriptive and slightly less used is making me smile.
I'm so glad to be back. Thanks for waiting.

*The Weepies
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