We have a new character in our cast. Her name is Dr. Doom.
The doctor I was forced to see last week (Dr. Incredible and Midwife Amazing were out) is one I encountered before. One who looked me in the eye after reading my chart and said, wide-eyed, "WHY would anyone have a baby at HOME?"
My first thought was, "To avoid people like YOU, lady." But I'm polite so I said, "Actually the research supports the safety of home birth - if you take the time to read it."
Thanks to Counselor Smartypants (it's a character day) I have decided I will never see Dr. Doom again. Period. I can choose that much and if she is on call the night the Peppers make their appearance it will be a battle of wills to get her through Super Doula and in to see me. I will not be subjected to her condescending attitude or her ignorance again.
(I told you it was a character day.)
Anyway, I've had time to think on her foreboding lecture last week, and also time to review the results.
You know, all those results that directly contradicted her deep, dark fears of pre-term labor and medicine! can! fix! it! all! Fix what? We are fine. I need to stay hydrated and off my feet as much as possible; the plan I had before I went in that day.  I fully understand the need to run tests to determine what  is happening to the best of our ability. But the complete disregard for evidence based medicine in pregnancy and birth, combined with a worst case scenario lecture before any testing was complete is far beyond what I am willing to tolerate from any medical provider. 
Dr. Doom wanted me to follow up this week and I will, with Dr. Incredible. We will sit down on Thursday and have a rational, reasoned conversation about how the babies are doing, how I am doing and how best to keep them cooking for at least another ten weeks. Sorry if it is TMI but my cervix is holding on like a champ. If this were a singleton pregnancy I wouldn't think twice about my Braxton Hicks contractions. So the key will be to determine when they should be alarming, and when they are just my body doing what it does during pregnancy. We will make a plan with Dr. Incredible.
On to the fun stuff. You know what happens when you grow two babies at once just a year after growing one? You get mega-preggo in record time. 

26 weeks kids:


Ten more weeks? At least? Really?
It's possible I may tip over sometime in July.
But I still kind of have a waist. If you touch my sides you can feel my ribs still, see? 


I wore pearls today because I wanted to feel pretty. It's working, you should try it sometime.
I have pictures of Red and Green's adorable little noggins from last week. As soon as I can scan them in I'll share!
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